Streamlabs OBS - Scene Looper Software

The original OBS Studio has a plug-in called Advanced Scene Switcher, which enables automatic timed switching between Scenes. Streamlabs OBS does not have this function, and Advanced Scene Switcher does not work in Streamlabs OBS.

The purpose of this software is to give Streamlabs OBS similar functionality to Advanced Scene Switcher. It uses a PowerShell script that uses the built in Remote API. On this page you can request a copy of this FREE Powershell script: "SLOBS Scene Looper". (Sorry, currently this software is POWERSHELL for WINDOWS ONLY. We could produce a MAC version if demand was high enough.)

The software comes with instructions for setting it up.


1. Uses POWERSHELL (built into Windows). Powershell needs to have its security settings modified before any script will run.

Instructions for Powershell and the SLOBS Scene Looper:

To get the instructions and script pack, email us at

For any other issues or questions, you can also email us at