EverySolution X-Live SD to DAW Software

Here you can download the 7 day Trial Version of the X-Live SD To DAW software.
Currently, this software is WINDOWS ONLY.

To unpack the multi-wave chunks of 4GB files recorded on SD by Behringer X-Live devices, and configure them for use in any Digital Audio Workstation (DAW).

Will run on any version of Windows 10. Not tested on Windows 7 or 8 but should run.

1. Uses FFMPPEG, a free audio/video tool.
2. Uses latest Microsoft .NET 4.x, but this should already be on your PC.

Instructions for FFMPEG:

1. Download the free ffmpeg software
2. Once downloaded, unzip the ffmpeg ZIP file using Windows, or the free 7-zip software: available here
3. In the FFMPEG BIN directory, locate ffmpeg.exe and copy it to the directory of your choice.

Instructions for X-Live SD to DAW:

1. Download the X-LiveSDtoDAW trial by right-clicking the file link below, and selecting 'Save Target As' or 'Save Link As'.
2. Unzip it, and run the MSI installer, accept all defaults.

File NameSize
X-LiveSDtoDAW-TrialSetup.zip329,714 Bytes
To purchase:
You can have up to 2 computers licenced for this software. Please send a request email, with 1 or 2 of your computernames, to xlivesoftware@outlook.com, and you will be sent a paypal invoice for US$15.00
After your purchase is confirmed, you will be sent a new custom installer specifically created for your named computer(s).
(Before installing your Registered Version, you will need to uninstall the Trial Version.)
For any questions, please contact the developer at: